FREE Daily life & Design Project Planner Template

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This template is here to help you organize your daily life and design projects effortlessly.

The template offers:

  • Daily Life Planners: Jot down your tasks, appointments, and goals.
  • Journaling Box: Write down your mood, things you are grateful for and looking forward to.
  • Weekly Planner: Plan your week ahead and achieve a better work-life balance. Get an overview of your weekly goals, tasks, and events.
  • Design Brief Placeholder: Store all your project requirements and objectives in one place, making it easy to access and share with your team or clients.
  • UX/UI Design Project Plan: Outline your design process, set milestones, and track your progress.
  • References Library: Access a library of design inspiration and resources. Save links, images, and notes related to your design projects.
  • Habit Tracker: Form positive habits and track your progress.

Why xTiles app template?

This web app combines the best features of Notion and Miro to create a seamless planning experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can I use this with the free xTiles account?
    Yes, you can use the free Xtiles personal account. You can sign up to Xtiles here.
  • Do I need to download the xTiles app to use the template?
    No, you don't need to. You can use the web app version of Xtiles, or download the desktop version if you want to.
  • Can I customize the font, styling and icons in this template?
    Yes! xTile is the best tool for your use case because it is incredibly flexible.
  • Can I add Notion widgets to xTiles?
    Yes, you can. Indeed, that's how I added them to my template. You can use these two resources to search for the widgets and
  • How do I contact you?
    If you encounter any issues, email me at
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FREE Daily life & Design Project Planner Template

77 ratings
I want this!